Thermal Rolls

Thermal Rolls

Thermal Rolls

SRR Packaging is one of the best white plain thermal rolls manufacturers in India. Thermal rolls are sheets of special chemically-coated paper designed particularly for inkless printing. One of the characteristic features of thermal paper is its ability to change color on exposure to heat. When you apply appropriate heat on the thermal paper, the image or text is imprinted on the printing substrate without the use of any strip or ink.

The innovative chemical coating makes the thermal paper rolls suitable for various printing applications. SRR packaging is one of the most reliable white plain thermal paper rolls suppliers in India. You can use our high-quality white plain thermal rolls for POS systems, thermal printers, cash registers, and credit card terminals in the retail, gaming, catering, financial, government, medical, and hospitality sectors.

The chemically treated surface of the thermal paper remains unchanged even after exposure to heat, oil, adhesive, water, or UV rays. Here are some highlighted features of our white plain thermal paper rolls:

  • Reduced fading of the thermal image on exposure to UV light, water, oils, grease, lard, fats, plasticizers, and similar agents
  • Reduced print headwear
  • Negligible residue from the thermal coating on the thermal print heads
  • Provides better anchorage of flexographic printing inks
  • Focuses heat from the thermal print head on active coating

Buy white plain thermal paper rolls in bulk from SRR Packaging at highly affordable prices. Get billing rolls to print instant POS cash receipts from the best white plain thermal billing rolls manufacturers in India. Ditch conventional printing and economize your retail business with thermal printing on high-quality thermal paper rolls from leading white plain thermal billing rolls suppliers in India.

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