FlipKart Branded Tape

FlipKart Branded Tape

FlipKart Branded Tape

We developed FlipKart Branded Tape (New Design with out No.) Printed Message Box Sealing Tape to help reduce product theft/damage throughout the shipping process. Printed with Flipkart Message,this tape puts package handlers and shipping services on notice when you have valuable items in your package which makes the package more safe and also alarms the handlers to ensure the safety and authenticity of the package.

  • Printed with message App download link and new flipkart logo
  • High adhesion and holding power resists popping for a secure seal throughout the supply chain
  • Closes boxes securely without the holes, waste, sharp points and disposal of staples
  • Sealing tape resists nicks, abrasions, moisture and scuffing for long-lasting performance
  • Best stands for heat

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